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 Day in the Life of a Sim

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PostSubject: Day in the Life of a Sim   Sun Nov 10, 2013 9:41 pm

Day in the Life of a Sim

Meet Claire and Ty!  They want to visit your game and experience life in your Sims Universe.  Choose one of these lucky sims and put them in your game.  Take pictures and/or video and tell us what the lucky sim did while in your care.  Did they go to China?  Did they walk a dog?  Did they go into the future?  Did you play them as a teenager?  Did they go on a date?  Or did they die?  You decide what happens.  Anything goes with these sims!  Happy Simming!

Ty Costa

Claire Michaelson


Do the sims provided use any expansions, stuff packs, store content, or CC?
Nope, they are base game only.

Can I use expansions, stuff packs, store content, CC, mods, pose player when I play with them?
Yes, use whatever you want.  Since you are only sharing pictures, videos, and stories; you don't have to turn in the sim that you've edited.  If you use other people's poses or CC, please mention them in your post.

I loaded them into my game. Where are they?
If you installed them into your game correctly, you will find them in the Create A Sim Section of your game. Please ask if you need further instructions.

Can I change hair, skin, clothes, age, traits, favorites, lifetime wishes, etc?
Anything goes.  You can change anything.  But if you are giving them a makeover that is so extreme that we won't be able to recognize them anymore, please take a before shot showing that you are using the original sim (and not just some random sim you made yourself).

The person before me played with the sim I want to play with and they changed the sim, killed it, or made it have a family; do I have to include that storyline when it's my turn?
No.  The sim starts fresh every time.  So no matter what happened to it in someone else's game, it does not impact how you play in any way, shape, or form.

Does it have to be a whole sim day?
No, you can make it as long or short of a visit as you want.  If you want to do a quick visit where you have a picture of them eating a grilled cheese sandwich and that's it; that's fine.  If you want to spend a whole lifetime with them, you are more than welcome to.  Just make sure to document it through video or picture.  Keep them as long or short as you want in the game.

Can I play both sims at the same time?

I had so much fun playing with one, can I play the other now?
Yes, just not at the same time.

What is the minimum for an entry?
One picture (or one video clip) and at least one caption/description.  However, it's more fun if you write a story.  But it's up to you.

Can I play again with the same sim?
Yep!  Play as many times as you want.

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Day in the Life of a Sim
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