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 Frequently Asked Questions

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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions   Sun Dec 01, 2013 8:33 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

What's VIP Membership? How do I become a VIP Member?
VIP Membership is a special kind of membership on Purely Simspired.  You used to be able to buy a VIP Membership, but now you are chosen by our Administrators.  If you were VIP before this new change, you will still stay a VIP member.  VIP Membership allows you special access to events and exclusive content from the Catalog.  You can also run your own contests, legacy challenges, giveaways, and stores.  Only Administrators and VIP Members can do those things.  More special features are coming to the VIP Membership at a later date!

What are PS Coins?
PS Coins are the currency on this site.  They have nothing to do with real money.  This website is 100% free.  You can use PS Coins to buy exclusive content for your Sims 3 game from the Catalog.  You can also purchase items that can personalize your profile on this site.  You earn PS coins by participating in the forums on this website.  Sometimes you can get PS Coins through Contests and Giveaways.  You need to participate in them to have a chance at getting the coins.  Specific Prices are changing from what they used to be.  Stay tuned for further details.

What is the Catalog?  Where do I find the Catalog?
The Catalog used to be called the PS Store.  The Catalog is exclusive to Purely Simspired.  It includes items that were made by our staff for you.  These items can either personalize your profile or they can be used in your Sims 3 game.  The Catalog can be found in the Member's Section of the Forums.  You will not be able to see it if you are not a member.  Membership is 100% Free on this site.  Getting things from the Catalog does not require you to use real money.  You can purchase items with our currency, known as PS Coins.  PS Coins can be earned by participating in the forums on our site.

What are Ranks?
Ranks are part of a posting system. The more you post, the higher your rank will get. If you purchase a rank, you may customize the title of your rank [it will appear below your avatar].

What are Groups?
Groups are mainly for people who want to start a magazine on our site. If you would like to open a magazine at our site [and have a thread specifically for magazine members] you can purchase a group. You may also purchase a rank with the group and get a discount on both. You do not have to have a magazine to start a group, however. Each new member you'd like added to your group, will cost a certain amount of PS Coins.

Who can host contests, legacies, giveaways, or run shops?
Only VIP Members, Project Teams, and Administrators can.

I'm a VIP Member.  What are the rules about running shops?
Shop Requirements
-Only VIP Members can open a shop, but anyone may purchase items from the shops.
-The shop must be sim related (it doesn't matter if it's Sim 1, 2, 3, or 4).  It can also be items to personalize people's profiles (like signatures).
-Everything must stay organized.
-You must have banners for your shop.
-You must provide examples of your work.
-All shops should have a pricing system. You can name your own prices. The prices will ONLY be in PS Coins. You can take extra donation if other members would like to donate extra coins.
-All shops must have 'ordering forms'.
-It is up to the shop owners to send me their "receipts". Otherwise the coins may not be processed.
-You may have more than one owner for shops. [all must be VIP members]
-Please state whether you are taking requests or not. Also, whether or not you do refunds.
-You may offer pre-mades.
-Please do not overprice your items. Keep in mind, there may be others offering the same quality or higher for a lower price.
-Do not be rude to the shop owners, clients, or supporters.
-Again, all threads MUST stay organized or your thread will be locked until it is organized.
-Do not abandon your shop. If you abandon your shop, Coins will be deducted from your account and your thread will removed.
Example of a request form for a Signature Shop: (This is just an example. You may customize your forms anyway you'd like. Please be specific.)
Type of Request: (If offering more than one service)
*Note: I will add a link to your shop on the main shop site and in a thread here if you send me an icon. Size requirement: 200x70 pixels.
Example of a request form for a Creation Shop Sims - Builds - Pets - Patterns - Worlds
(This is just an example. You may customize your forms anyway you'd like. Please be specific.)
Type of Request: (if offering more than one service)
Age/Gender: (for Sim/Pet requests)
# of bedrooms: (for builds)
Rules & Guidelines are subject to change.

I'm a VIP Member.  What are the rules on hosting contests/ legacies/ giveaways?
-Make your own thread in the VIP Contest/ Legacy/ Giveaway Forum.
-If your thread has been inactive for over two months, the Staff at Purely Simspired reserves the right to basket your thread.  Basketing means that no one, but the Staff have access to it.
-Do not giveaway something that you didn't get permission to give away.
-Don't offer something that you don't have.
-If you want to give away your PS Coins, contact an Administrator and we will help you set that up.
Acceptable Giveaway Options:
-If you would like to create something and give it away to everyone for free; post it in the correct forum.  
-If you want to share your items on the exchange.  You can post a link to your exchange page.
Acceptable Lottery Options:
-If you want buy something from the sims3.com store and give it away to one person, that is acceptable.
-If you want to get something from our PS store and give it away to one person you can.
Public Thank You Gifting Policy
-We wouldn't mind seeing a public thank you note and a picture of the item you got from someone.  You can publicly say thank you to the person that hosted the giveaway, lottery, or if they did something for you.  However if you wanted to gift them something, then we ask that you send the link in a personal message.  Otherwise everyone has access to the link you provided.  If you want to make something for everyone or the staff as a way of saying thank you, feel free to post the link here.
VIP Member Sponsored Contests
-Contests must have Deadlines.  If you're contest is over or if it has past it's deadline, it will be basketed.  This means that only staff will be able to see it.
-You may post contests you are hosting
-You may post Legacy Challenges
-You may post contests that are being hosted on the official or other fan sites/blogs/etc
-You may offer prizes in PS Coins, Simpoints, EPs, SPs, Store gifts [from here & the official store]
-All types of sims related contests can be posted here
Not Allowed
-Do NOT offer prizes that you cannot give; this will result in you losing your VIP Membership.
-Do NOT place a contest in the forum that is not sim related.
-Do NOT abandon your contests.  See your contest until the end.  If you say you are going to judge or give out prizes, do that.  If people participate and you disappear at the end of your contest, you will lose your VIP Membership [unless you have a reasonable excuse].
These rules are subject to change. Feel free to post any questions you may have.

I'm a Sim Fan Magazine and I want to advertise my latest issue, what's your policy?
We just recently changed our policy.  You will need to pay some PS coins to post a link to your latest issue.  PS coins are not real money.  You earn them by participating on our site.  We want people to be able to view your magazine, but we also want more active members.  This is the compromise we came up with.

I want to be an affiliate your site, what do I need to do?
Contact Pepper090889 for more information.

What's the policy on how long a thread I post stays up?
A thread will stay up indefinately as long as it is active.  If a thread has been inactive for two months (no matter what kind of thread it is), the Administrators reserve the right to archive/ basket the thread.  This means only Administrators will be able to view the old thread.  Administrators make the final call.  Sometimes they will leave threads up even if they are not active.  If you are concerned your thread will go away, you need to keep the thread active.  Active threads do not get archived/basketed.

Where did my thread go?
We recently changed our policy on Archiving.  If the thread was in active for over two months, it was basketed.  That means that only Administrators can see it.  If it was your thread from Creative Corner and you would like it put back, you need to contact Pepper090889 or TrinkaLs.  We'd be happy to move it back into Creative Corner if you promise to make a new post in it within the next 48 hrs of asking us to move it for you.  If you do not do this, or if your thread becomes inactive for over 2 months, we reserve the right to basket it again.  If you are just confused with the new layout and are having trouble finding a specific section, contact Pepper090889, TrinkaLs, or Jonny24900 and we'd be happy to help you locate it.

I want to advertise on your website.  What's your policy?
Our policy has recently changed.  If you want to advertise your latest issue, you will need to pay some PS Coins to be able to do that.  PS Coins are not based on real money.  Purely Simspired is 100% Free.  You earn PS Coins by participating in our website.  If you want to do general advertisements for your website, you are welcome to.  Please put your advertisements in General - Advertisements- Blogs, Fansites, and Other Forums.

I have a question, comment, or concern.  Who do I talk to?
Please Personal Message either Pepper090889, TrinkaLs, or Jonny24900 if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.  We are a fan site that is dedicated to meeting the needs of its fans.  Your input is always welcome!

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Frequently Asked Questions
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