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 What's New With Purely Simspired

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PostSubject: What's New With Purely Simspired   Sun Dec 01, 2013 6:02 pm

What's New With Purely Simspired

For many of you, you've probably noticed the drastic change in the way Purely Simspired is set up. It can be frustrating to relearn how to navigate a website. I'm here to help you wade through the numerous changes that this website has gone through.

The first major change is the fact that we now have a home page or Portal. This is the page that will inform you of major announcements, the site blog, and all important information for Purely Simspired. Purely Simspired's rules, FAQ, and general site information can all be found on the Portal.

We still have a Forum. You can get there by clicking on the "forum" button on your top left screen. Our Forum's organization has changed dramatically. If you are not a member, you should only be able to see what is in the General Section. But if you become a member (which is 100% FREE by the way), you will be able to see our Members Section and VIP Area as well. Regular Members can participate in the General and Members Section. Regular Members can also "purchase/request" items from the VIP Shops and participate in VIP hosted events. These things can be found in the VIP Area.

The VIP Area is run by VIP Members. VIP Members are honorary members of our website. You now have to be chosen to be a VIP Member. If you were already a VIP Member before this transition, you will stay a VIP Member. We no longer offer Diamond Member Status. VIP Members are the only people other than Staff that can host contests, host legacy challenges, do giveaways, and run shops. VIP Members also get special VIP Access Passes to some Site Sponsored Events, such as the Zombie Simpocalypse Game. The Catalog offers special items that are only available for VIP Members.

The Catalog is the PS Store revamped. For those of you that are new, our staff creates exclusive content for you to "purchase" that can be used in your Sims 3 Game. Our currency is PS Coins. They have nothing to do with real money. As we said before, our site is 100% FREE. PS Coins can be earned by being an active participant on this website. Our PS Coins system is currently changing. We will release an announcement about it on the Portal when we have it all sorted out.

We've changed our Archive policy. If a thread has not been active in over two months, we have the right to Archive it. This includes Creative Corner Threads, VIP Run Events, and Advertisements (which it didn't before). Nothing on this site ever gets deleted. It gets put in an Archive or Basket that only Administrators can see (except in the case of the WCIF Archives). If you've had a thread in Creative Corner in the past and would like it placed back in Creative Corner, contact Pepper090889 or TrinkaLs. We'd be happy to move your thread back into Creative Corner as long as you promise to post something new in that thread within the next 48 hours of asking us to move it for you. If you do not meet this requirement or if your thread becomes inactive again, then we have the right to Archive it again. Archiving is at the discretion of the Administrators. Sometimes we allow a thread to remain on the site even if it has not been active in a while. If you really like a thread, then it is important that you stay active in it. That is the only way to guarantee that it won't be Archived.

Another change we made benefits anyone who plays the Zombie Simpocalypse Game. We've added Bonus Scenarios that can be played at anytime. You can play them however you want to play them. For more information, read the Bonus Scenarios Section of How To Play in The Zombie Simpocalypse Game.

This covers most of the changes that Purely Simspired has gone through in the past 48 hrs. If you are having trouble finding things or have any questions, please contact Pepper090889, TrinkaLs, or Jonny24900.

Thank you for your continued support! Without your input, Purely Simspired would not be the way it is today. Finally, thank you to Pepper, TrinkaLs, and Jonny for all your hard work.

Founder Pepper090889
Chief Administrator TrinkaLs
Administrator Jonny24900

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What's New With Purely Simspired
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