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 List of Achievements Currently Offered

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PostSubject: List of Achievements Currently Offered   Sun Dec 01, 2013 5:12 pm

Purely Simspired rewards its fans with achievements.  Review the list below to see what you need to do to earn a specific achievement.  Contact Pepper090889 if you have any questions.

- Posts
Earn these achievements by meeting a specific posting milestone. There is an achievement for 100, 250, 500, and 1000 posts. [More may be added at a later date.]

- Members
Earn these achievements by being a milestone registered member. Available for 100th, 250th, 500th, and 1000th members. [More may be added at a later date.]

- Donator
Earn this achievement by donating an item or items to the PS Store.

- Game Creator
Earned by creating a game in Chit Chat.

- iTutor
Creating a tutorial in the tutorials section of the forums.

- RPG Creator
For creating or hosting an RPG thread.

- Introducing Me
For making an introduction thread.

- I bought it, it's mine
Purchase an item from the PS Store

- VIP Shopping
Purchase an item from a VIP owned shop

- Gift Giver
Purchase one gift for another member

- One of Us
Join a VIP owned group

- Garage Sale
Buy five sale items from the PS store in one purchase

- Burning a Hole
Spend over 2,000 Coins in one purchase

- Ohhh, shiny
Earn 20+ Achievement badges

- Affiliated
Become an affiliate

- Show Off
Awarded for creating a showcase thread

- Bought
PS Store item sold 1 time

Only available to VIP members.

- Group Owner
Given to VIPs who purchase a group.

- Shop Owner
Given to VIPs who start their own shop.

- VIP Member
Given to members when they purchase or win VIP Membership status.

- VIP Contest Host
Hosting a VIP Only Contest

- VIP Contest Winner
Winning a VIP only contest

- VIP Donator
Having store item upgraded to VIP only

- VIP Lottery/Giveaway Winner
Winning a PS VIP Lottery or Giveaway

- The Sweet Life
Purchase a VIP only store item

- Group Squared
Own a group with at least two members [not counting self]

- Gate Keeper
Own a group with at least ten members

- Social Butterfly
Own a group with at least twenty-five members

- Show me the Coins
Sell one item in your own shop

- Counting Coins
Sell ten items in your own shop

When hosting a contest, you may use your PS Coins to purchase achievement badges for your contestants. You may purchase winner badges, judge badges, participation badges, lurker badges, etc. You may submit an icon to use for these badges or we can find icons for you.

- Contest Winner
Given to PS Contest Winners

- Lottery / Giveaway Winner
Given to PS Lottery Winners

- Banner Comp Winners
Given to PS Banner Comp Winners

- Photo Comp Winner
Given to PS Photo Comp Winners

We offer achievements for site sponsored events and site staff in addition to the achievements posted here. For more information on how to earn those achievements, please visit the event threads. Staff can find a list of their different achievements in the staff area [not visible to members].

The PS Staff reserve the right to change the achievements we offer at anytime. Members will not lose any achievements after receiving them.

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List of Achievements Currently Offered
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