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 Rule of Three System

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PostSubject: Rule of Three System   Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:30 am

Rule of Three System
Tier 1
Minor Offenses that warrant minor consequences. 3 marks, it turns into a strike
• Consistently placing posts in the wrong category (3 times, it turns into a mark)
• Posting randomly everywhere to get more coins (3 times, it turns into a mark)
• Arguing with someone on the site (automatic mark)
• Reporting someone who didn't do anything wrong (automatic mark)

Tier 2
Major Offenses that warrants a strike. 3 strikes and you are banned from the site for a week
• Making comments and jokes about someone else's work or posts that can be taken offensively. Inappropriate jokes and comments referring to race, gender, weight, religion, sexual orientation, and vulgarity are not permitted on this site. Intentionally trying to hurt someone's feelings.
• Claiming or implying your religion is superior to other religions
• Not putting a spoiler on material that is inappropriate for younger viewers, such as sims nudity on models and photography or stories that would be rated R.
• Excessive profanity (3 times in one post or 3 times you have been asked to watch your language)
• Spamming in locations other than the spam folder

Tier 3
Severe Offenses that warrant an automatic ban for a week from the site and 1 month temporary loss of VIP Status and Staff
• You may advertise other sites via a signature or a competition prize. But if you start a recruitment thread or personal message members about your site [or another site] you will be banned for a week.
• Re-uploading or giving out links to items that came from this website
• Plagiarism- claiming work was yours when it was someone else's
• Making threatening remarks to an individual or group of people

Tier 4
Extreme Offenses that warrant a month ban, loss of all PS Coins, permanent ban from VIP Membership and Staff.
• You are on your second ban

Tier 5
You're Out of Here Offenses: offenses that warrant permanent banishment from this site
• You are on your third ban
• You post live nude photos/video of any kind
• You ask for someone's specific address
• You ask to meet someone from this site in real life
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Rule of Three System
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